Q&A: jim cronin?

Question by vicky_edmond2000: jim cronin?
can any body tell me how jim cronin died ( the gu from monkey world) past away last week but i can not find any thing o say how he died , thanks

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Answer by jrfire91
Jim Cronin – Founder of Monkey World – Died Age 55

On March 17, 2007, the world lost one of its animal defenders. According to the New York Times, the cause of death was liver cancer. Jim Cronin, with his wife Alison, worked tirelessly to save abused and abandoned Spanish beach chimpanzees and apes, the victims of the “take a picture with a monkey” tourist trade. In addition to this cause, they also campaigned heavily to put an end to smuggling, trapping, and the illegal selling of primates.

Born and raised in NY, Jim’s first in-depth exposure to the world of animals began when he became a zookeeper at the Bronx Zoo. Quickly, his enthusiasm, dedication and hard work payed off and he was recommended to Howletts Zoo, in Kent, England in 1980. It was there that he found his focus on primates and their plight in the wild. Seven years after moving to England, he took out a £25,000 business loan and established the Monkey World sanctuary (built on a deserted pig farm of 67 acres near Wool in Dorset), which is now home to 160 rescued primates of 16 different species.

Jim was a self-taught zoologist, and his wife, Alison has a doctorate in anthropology. Together, they made a formidable team. Jim met Alison in 1993, when she travelled to Monkey World on a fact-finding mission about animal fencing. Jim instantly fell in love, but it took time (and a lot of phone calls) to win Alison over. He favored charity work, while she favors more academic pursuits.

Their work became recognized worldwide and the Queen of England (Queen Elizabeth II) bestowed upon them the honor of Member of the British Empire, even though both of them are American citizens. In 1998, Jane Goodall presented the sanctuary with the 1998 Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) Zoo Animal Welfare Award for its woolly monkey habitat. In 2003, they were granted approval for a new animal hospital at Monkey World, providing further jobs for the local population (the sanctuary contributes indirectly, as well, as hotels and restaurants support the tourists who visit Monkey World).

Not willing to sit on their laurels, the Cronins actively fought animal abuse by going undercover, raiding labs, and risking their own lives for the lives of primates. Some of their more public rescues involved taking a chimp from a Turkish TV show, rescuing a chimp whose jaw had been broken from abuse and was drugged on valium to pose with tourists for photos, and, most famously, the rescue of an unruly chimp from the well-meaning Crown Prince of Dubai.

Because the animals can outlive the Cronin’s, it is important that their care be continued. Monkey World has set up a fund in memory of Jim to continue his legacy and all donations should be made payable to the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund, and sent to Monkey World – Ape Rescue Centre, Wareham, Dorset BH20 6HH.

The sanctuary is home to rescued primates from over a dozen countries and has been featured in the Animal Planet show “Monkey Business”. According to Animal Planet “Primates are characterized by the refined development of their hands and feet, five fingers, a shortened snout, a large brain, and the presence of a collarbone. Therefore, strictly speaking, humans are also primates. Consequently, primates are our closest living relatives and some, such as chimpanzees, share almost 99% of our DNA.” So, when we work to save these amazing creatures, we’re working to save one of our own.

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Pokerus in Diamond??

Question by Anulae: Pokerus in Diamond??
The nurse at the pokemon center just gave me the PokeRus dialouge, but it seems that none of my pokemon have it! None of them say Status:PkRs!

I recently discovered that the Marshtomp my friend traded me had it in the past, but it has been immune since before I got it.

What’s up with this!? X-x
Okay, I got pretty much the low down on pokerus from research.

What I’m wondering is why none of my pokemon have the indicator that they have pokerus!

Unless there was a Nurse glitch or something that triggered the event without any of them actually having PkRS?

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Answer by miloticdeoxys
Read this:
Pokérus (a portmanteau of Pokémon and virus) is a rare virus introduced in Pokémon Gold and Silver. It is extremely infectious in nature, being able to spread between Pokémon of different species. The only cure for Pokérus is to wait for a period of 48 hours. Infected Pokémon can be traded to Pokémon Red and Blue, but because Pokérus does not exist in these games, it cannot be contracted or spread when traded. However, the effects of the Pokérus are still applied. Similarly, a Pokémon with the Pokérus cannot be cured while in these two games. In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Pokérus is displayed as a purple rectangle stating Pokérus in the Summary window.

Despite being a virus, Pokérus is beneficial to its hosts. Pokérus accelerates the hidden statistical development of Pokémon (that is, its training) by making it gain effort values at twice the speed. This effect is cumulative with the Macho Brace, and an infected Pokémon with such an item effectively trains at four times its normal rate. In the third generation games, where training is capped to a maximum, the Pokérus does not raise this maximum limit. The overall effect on a Pokémon’s strength is thus negligible, as a Pokémon can be fully trained with or without Pokérus. It is, however, easier to fully develop a Pokémon’s skills with Pokérus because it reduces the number of battles needed to fully train the Pokémon.

Pokérus is mainly contracted from battles; there is a 2 in 65,535 chance of contracting Pokérus in battle. If a Pokémon in the active party has Pokérus, in each round of battle there is a 1 in 2 chance (1 in 3 in the third generation) that an adjacent Pokémon on the team will contract the Pokérus. The active Pokémon can also contract Pokérus in this manner if the first “bench member” has the Pokérus.

Pokérus is cured after 48 hours on the party from the time of infection; Pokémon cannot be cured of Pokérus if left in a PC box or are traded to Pokémon Stadium 2 or Pokémon Box. It also appears that Pokérus will not stop being contagius even after twenty-four hours in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Once Pokérus’ effects end, the host develops an immunity to it and Pokérus can no longer be transmitted. However, the accelerated stat growth remains; the Pokémon only loses the ability to spread it.

Pokérus was mentioned in the Pokemon Chronicles episode “Oaknapped” as a lifeform that Team Rocket was looking for to accelerate their evolution process.

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pokemon mystery dungeon: explorers of the sky?

Question by Stop-laufin: pokemon mystery dungeon: explorers of the sky?
hi i have a few questions about pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of the sky.

1- when will it come out in australia and how much do u think it will be and…
2- is explorers of sky like mystery dungeon 2 ( i mean does it have the same story line as md2, do u still get to fite primal dialga and go save the world etc. please anser
i just wanna know if its the same stroy line a mystery dungeon 2…

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Answer by MattM
1. I was unable to find any announced release dates for Explorers of Sky for Australia so they haven’t announced anything regarding it yet.

2. Explorers of Sky is basically just an expanded version of Time and Darkness. It explains what happens to Grovyle after taking Dusknoir back to the future with him and it also shows how the Wigglytuff Guild came to be which includes playing as some of the respective Guild Pokémon.

A lot of the dungeons are the same as in Time and Darkness however there are new dungeons as well.

There’s also a new feature which are currently known as “Special Episodes.” There are currently 5 known and they show you various aspects of the list of the various supporting characters in the storyline.

You will also see a Shaymin in the game .You do see an Arceus statue in the game but you don’t actually see a real Arceus in it.

You will be able to fight Dialga in the same vein as you did in Time and Darkness. A Dark Dialga (as in the same Dialga you fought in Temporal Tower previously in Time and Darkness in order to prevent it from becoming Primal Dialga) and then a regular Dialga after you go back to the Temporal Tower however I cannot find any info currently on whether it’s a “save the world” type of game or not.

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Fable video game: Reaver?

Question by Fable fan: Fable video game: Reaver?
This has been bugging me forever now. i’m a HUGE fan of the Fable series and a HUGE fan of Reaver. I know I’m not the only one, but I see more comments on websites about how much people playing Fable hate Reaver. I read one comment about how someone is going to give up Lionhead studios all together if Reaver continues to be in the Fable series. It’s a fictional game and I don’t see why someone would give up the enjoyment of a game all because of one character you don’t even see half the time. It is sort of annoying because people seriously seem to hate him. What surprises me is that there’s a LOT more to him than people think, if you read his diary entries from Fable II(also on www.fable.wikia.com) he has changed a LOT throughout the many years he’s been alive because of his eternal youth.
It’s unfair to say that the other side is wrong, but I just think some people seem to be overdoing it a bit. Of course they’re allowed to dislike him if they wish, but I’m just wondering exactly why people hate him so damn much, especially if people haven’t read about his background, which there are some good point and of course some bad points. He’s not the only jerk in the game. He’s just the longest living one. ^-^
But there’s still more to everybody. I’d be very disappointed if Lionhead finished off Reaver in the Fable Series. I’d still play for the other things the game has to offer, though.

I just think it sucks how so many people seem to hate him, and I’m still curious why. Opinions on him good or bad are welcomed, as long as nobody overdoes it or decides to act like a jerk themselves by talking about why people shouldn’t like him. I never said people shouldn’t like him. I just don’t see why some people really hate him.

To Bob Moore, no I don’t believe in those things. I like the character for different reasons. I’m completely aware of the fact that he’s a jerk. I am also aware of the fact that those things are wrong. I do respect your points though. I still do not see why some people hate him to such a high degree. Yet I don’t respect the fact that you are saying that because I like him; I am like him. I did not say that, and just because what his beliefs are do not match mine that does not mean I cannot like him for the reasons I do.

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Answer by Bob Moore
your basically saying you believe in child labor and you believe kids shouldn’t go to school but work in factories. you also focus on business more than people’s conditions. in fable 3, reaver believes in this.

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Guitar hero question?

Question by Iron 180: Guitar hero question?
Ok. so one of my rock band pedals broke and i havent played in a long time. Then i brought back a bunch of games including rock band 1 and 2 and some guitar heros. Now im going to gamestop to get a rock band pedal for the drums and my real question- Which game is better and why between Guitar hero 5 and Guitar hero Smash Hits? I really need to know fast and i will give the best answer the best feedback. Thanks a lot!

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Answer by twinreverb37
Guitar Hero 5, it has more options.

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What are these Pokemon songs?

Question by lmk32294: What are these Pokemon songs?


I need to know the title of the song, whether it is from a pokemon game, the anime, or a cd, and what game/episode/or cd it is from. Thanks

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Answer by vdeityra
They sound like amateur midi recreations of the music from the first season of Pokemon.

Jukebox 1 is the opening song for season 1 of Pokemon.
Jukebox 2 sounds like the generic walking around ambient music that played in the background of both the game and the show.

Jukebox 3… Sounds like Team Rocket HQ music from Red/Blue versions of the game.

Jukebox 4 is a midi of “The Time Has Come” from the episode “Pikachu’s Goodbye”


Jukebox 5 is another generic town background music… Though, it’s in Christmas’y chimy instruments. Lol

I have no idea where 6 is from.

Jukebox 7 is music that plays inside caves and tunnels.

I could barely recognize 8… It’s the “Misty’s Song” about how she’s in love with Ash :P Came with the “2.B.A Master Album”


Uhhh… Jukebox 9… Sounds like a terribly butchered background music of one of the towns.

Jukebox 10 is the Japanese version of Season 1 Opening Theme.

Jukebox 11 is Jigglypuff’s song :P

Jukebox 12 … I have no idea. :3

Jukebox 13 … No clue.

Jukebox 14 is the opening theme music to the Pokemon Yellow version where it shows Pikachu playing around.

No idea on 15. :s

16 is called “Brother, My Brother” from the Pokemon First Movie. It’s the music that plays when Ash is standing over the battlefield where the Clone Pokemon and Original Pokemon are being forced to battle without their powers by Mewtwo.


I found the clip :D

Lol. No need to thank me. I am bored.

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Pokemon Quiz!Easy 10 points!?

Question by Luki: Pokemon Quiz!Easy 10 points!?
1. Which 2 Pokemon’s form/pattern changed throughout the generations?
2. What Pokemon was SUPPOSED to be a legendary?
3. Which Poison-type Pokemon family only learns Poison Sting?
4. What pokemon is based of a glitch?
5. Which Pokemon can defeat Dialga at level 6?
6. What is F.E.A.R?
7. In the episode “Mystery of the Lighthouse”, what was Dragonite voiced by?
8. Using hacks, you can battle Professer Oak is R/B/Y. What team does he have?
9. Which Pokemon can change it’s gender upon evolving?
10. What was the first Pokemon ever?

More than one person should answer this, if only one does I’m gonna repost AGAIN AND AGAIN. I’ll give ten points to the only one who answered because its FAIR. GOT THAT?! <-------- LOUDRED????? Hmm, lemme rephrase one one of these questions... Oh, and the answers. 1. Arbok and Ekans. The patterns of their backs changed. 2. Arcanine 3. Nidoran Family at least early times. 4. I'll rephrase this "Which pokemon was based off of a glitch pokemon?" The answer was Porygon z (or the other Evolution) 5. Rattata OR Doduo 6. Focus Sash, Endeavor, (quick)attack, Rattata. OR F*cking Evil Annoying Rodent. 7. Dragonite was voiced by a humpback whale. 8. Gyarados, Blastoise, Arcanine, Exeggutor, Tauros 9. Azurill and Eevee 10. Rydon Any answers after this will not be counted.

Best answer:

Answer by Amaya Ukitake
Lol the only one I know is no.4 XD missingno. I’m curious as to what the other answers are now

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what are the guitar hero 5 tracks?

Question by Kris: what are the guitar hero 5 tracks?

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Answer by dudeimbored101
“2 Minutes to Midnight”Iron Maiden
“20th Century Boy”T.Rex
“21st Century Schizoid Man”King Crimson
“A-Punk”Vampire Weekend
“All Along the Watchtower”Bob Dylan
“All the Pretty Faces”The Killers
“American Girl”Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
“Back Round”Wolfmother
“Bleed American”Jimmy Eat World
“Blue Day”Darker My Love
“Blue Orchid”The White Stripes
“Brianstorm”Arctic Monkeys
“Bring the Noise 20XX”Public Enemy featuring Zakk Wylde
“Bullet with Butterfly Wings”The Smashing Pumpkins
“Cigarettes, Wedding Bands”Band of Horses
“Dancing with Myself”Billy Idol
“Demon(s)”Darkest Hour
“Disconnected”Face to Face
“Done With Everything, Die for Nothing”Children of Bodom
“Do You Feel Like We Do?” (Live)Peter Frampton
“Du Hast”Rammstein
“Ex-Girlfriend”No Doubt
“Fame”David Bowie
“Feel Good Inc.”Gorillaz
“Gamma Ray”Beck
“Gratitude”Beastie Boys
“Hungry Like the Wolf”Duran Duran
“Hurts So Good”John Mellencamp
“In My Place”Coldplay
“Incinerate”Sonic Youth
“In the Meantime”Spacehog
“Jailbreak”Thin Lizzy
“Judith”A Perfect Circle
“Kryptonite”3 Doors Down
“L.A.”Elliott Smith
“Lithium” (Live)Nirvana
“Lonely is the Night”Billy Squier
“Looks That Kill”Mötley Crüe
“Lust for Life” (Live)Iggy Pop
“Make It Wit Chu”Queens of the Stone Age
“Maiden, Mother & Crone”The Sword
“Mirror People”Love and Rockets
“Nearly Lost You”Screaming Trees
“Never Miss a Beat”Kaiser Chiefs
“No One to Depend On” (Live)Santana
“One Big Holiday”My Morning Jacket
“Only Happy When It Rains”Garbage
“Play That Funky Music”Wild Cherry
“Plug in Baby”Muse
“Ring of Fire”Johnny Cash
“The Rock Show”Blink-182
“Runnin’ Down a Dream”Tom Petty
“Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting”Elton John
“Scatterbrain” (Live)Jeff Beck
“Send a Little Love Token”The Duke Spirit
“Seven”Sunny Day Real Estate
“Sex on Fire”Kings of Leon
“Shout It Out Loud”Kiss
“Six Days a Week”The Bronx
“Smells Like Teen Spirit”Nirvana
“Sneak Out”Rose Hill Drive
“So Lonely”The Police
“Song 2″Blur
“Sowing Season (Yeah)”Brand New
“The Spirit of Radio” (Live)Rush
“Steady As She Goes”The Raconteurs
“Streamline Woman”Gov’t Mule
“Sultans of Swing”Dire Straits
“Superstition”Stevie Wonder
“Sweating Bullets”Megadeth
“Sympathy for the Devil”The Rolling Stones
“They Say”Scars on Broadway
“Under Pressure”Queen and David Bowie
“Wannabe in L.A.”Eagles of Death Metal
“We’re an American Band”Grand Funk Railroad
“What I Got”Sublime
“Why Bother?”Weezer
“Wolf Like Me”TV on the Radio
“Woman From Tokyo” (’99 Remix)Deep Purple
“You and Me”Attack! Attack!
“You Give Love a Bad Name”Bon Jovi
“Younk Funk”The Derek Trucks Band

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